We have begun a new tradition!

It's a tradition that we believe both you and your loved ones truly deserve. Our tradition is based on trust. Dr. Calvin Wilson and his entire team of dental health professionals, at Alpha Dental Care, are dedicated to providing you with exceptional dental health that will last you a lifetime.

Why choose Alpha Dental Care?

Alpha means “the beginning”. At Alpha Dental Care, we understand that past experiences have caused many patients to avoid the dental treatments they need and truly deserve. It’s time to experience a new beginning! Our friendly staff puts your trust first.

At Alpha Dental Care, we know how important having a great smile is to your overall health and well-being. Why should you expect less? We feel you should be aware of the highest quality and value that today’s dental technology can offer. Rather than assuming our clients want less, we strive to reveal the value of what exceptional dental care can do for you. Then, we let you decide which services best fit your individual needs. Rest assured that each treatment, comes with the respect you deserve.